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Impact! Forum rules
New members? read this!
We encourage free discussion on everything up to a point - don't get nasty, spam or dowright weird - If you do, a nice PM will be sent. Ignore it and you will not be welcome. Basically - Be excellent to each other...
The Reception Area
Impact! News And Forthcoming Releases
Find out the current goings on with Impact!. This is also the place to see the latest releases from 'greens' to casts.
General Chat
Welcome to our place - come in and be welcomed!
Suggestion Box
Got an idea to help the company? We're always looking for good ideas to push things forward. Lend a hand and help Impact! help you!
Elfball Tournament Postings
Post here with dates, information and questions on upcoming Elfball touranments
Elfball Tournament Discussion
Discuss strategies for tournaments, best teams to take and talk trash here.
Game Room
Elfball Game and Variants
We welcome your comments about the Elfball game and any variants of it like Street Brawl.
Question on Elfball Rules
Place your rules question about Elfball here and they'll be quickly answered.
Chibi Adventurers (Dungeon, Asian & Horror)
A place to talk about our Adventures line of chibi player characters, villians, and monsters.
Impact City Roller Derby
The public forum to discuss the roller derby board game played in gritty Impact City.
Nuthin' But Net
Discussion topics and Questions answered for this fantasy basketball game
Dunger Derby
The place to go to discuss the chaotic, wild pig racing board game or to have your questions answered.
Discussions and questions related to the futuristic sport card game that is Forceball.
Passing Shot
The place to go to chat about the dice based tennis game.
Spanish Discussion / Área española
This forum is meant for players to discuss the Elfball game in Spanish.
Meeting Hall
Off Topic
What? you've come all this way and now don't want to talk about Fantasy Football or gaming related stuff? Well this is the place for you then
Other Games
Most of us here are gamers in some form or another. Anything you would like to share? It can be from any manufacturer/genre or even something you've made up yourself.
Finder's Keep
A discussion area for the App - Finder's Keep
Force of Nature - Dungeon Boss Guild
This is a forum for members of the Force of Nature guild to post information.
The Design Studio
The Gallery
So you've painted some miniatures and you're really pleased with the results. Show them off here.
The Workshop
This is the place for all your conversion needs. Have something to share with everyone? Unsure about how to get the desired result? Well, post here and some of our experienced members will try to help out. Helpful comments only folks...
Non - Impact! minis
Post your minis from other manufacturers here if you think they suit - especially the independent companies. The more we help each other, the better.
The Trading Post
Have you got too many things stuck in a cupboard that you'll never use? Or are you searching for that one thing to finish off your collection? Well this is the place for you then.
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