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Impact! News And Forthcoming Releases
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TV Interview about Impact!
Rolljordan Frog and Silvania Elf Deluxe teams KickStarter
Rolljordan Frog and Silvania Elf Deluxe teams KickStarter
Interview for gaming blog
6 days left on discounted holiday stocking stuffer game item
Earthdawn Miniatures KickStarter - now live until Oct. 30th
Fantasy Football 17 new resin team KickStarter
Gaslight Horror - Cthulhu and Sci-Fi Chibi KickStarter
Compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics dice sets KickStarter
Deathroller Racing set now up on KickStarter
New Helmet Stand miniature from Impact!
Ogre and Imp team now on KickStarter
Impact! releases 8 new Trollcast teams
Dice Farmer review on Dice Tower
Limited Edition pewter Chibi Asian miniatures set
Impact! announces Chibi Asian Adventurers KickStarter
Impact! featured in Indiana Business Journal
New Necromicon $35 team - 18 figures
Impact! releases Black Rock Dwarf and Siringit plastic teams
Impact! releases Super Punch Troll ($11) (NEW PIC)
Impact! releases Deadwood Treemen in plastic ($10)
Come see Impact! at Gen Con 2013 (get early SSB Minotaur!)
Released in plastic now: Headslicer, Tantor and Hockey teams
Impact! releases 16 player $35 Amazon team
Impact! announces 4 new $35 plastic Ape and Gnome teams
2013 Limited Edition Eucalyptus Bowl Frilled Lizard w/Dagger
Australian Animal Fantasy Football team on KickStarter
Chibi Hydra now available from Impact! Dungeon Adventures
Impact! announces $35 plastic team sets
Urban Achievers are now in the store!
Have the Vet fight Zombies!
Ice Hockey Miniatures Now Available in Store
SCAR Miniatures
Classic Dungeon Adventurers...Our next KS project
Ice Hockey Miniatures now available on Kickstarter
Impact! Miniatures releases Action Platypus miniature
Spherical D14 and D18 now on KickStarter
And now for something completely different
Little Urban Achievers Now on Kickstarter
Necronomicon: Cthulhu Mythos miniatures set on Kickstarter
Thank you everyone for ICRD's successful KickStarter!
Last two days of Impact City Roller Derby KickStarter
Great review of ICRD @ Reddit (give it a thumbs up to help!)
Impact City Roller Derby KickStarter campaign
Impact! Releases Six New Miniatures
Impact! Releases Cargo Cult Voodoo Barbys Roller Derby Minis
Impact is 6 years old today!
Impact 6th Anniversary Tomorrow - Annual one day sale
Adepticon April 20-22 - Chicago
Impact City Roller Derby - Game Salute Springboard Approved
New Stadium Bleachers from Impact!
We have a Search Engine!!!!
Great review of Forceball at Drake's Flames
Impact! Miniatures accepting playtester applications
2012 plans
Impact! Miniatures Post Christmas Holiday Sale/Contest
Impact! releases Dungeon Tiles for Fantasy Football
Impact! Released Maude the Valkyie Cheerleader
Scotlings Now Available
Bl00d Bowl Team Manager Card Game in stock!
Impact! Launches Forceball with Kickstarter Campaign
Impact Releases Elfball Extras Tokens
Impact! to carry HDE Miniatures
ForgeCon May 25-27, 2012 - Lexington, KY
Impact! Releases Dunger Derby the Board Game
Impact! Miniatures releases third roller derby team for ICRD
Impact! Miniatures Releases 2nd Roller Derby Team
Impact! & A Band of Orcs Miniatures Preorders Available
Impact! & A Band of Orcs Release Final Sketch
Impact Miniatures releases first 2 Scotlings by Pug
Impact! & A Band of Orcs Release Next Sketch in Project
Impact! Miniatures Releases Roller Derby Team.
Impact! Miniatures to Produce & Distribute Forceball
Impact! Miniatures & A Band of Orcs release third sketch
Impact! re-organization downtime - 10% sale
Impact! & A Band of Orcs Release Second Sketch
Elfball Review at Greater Gaming Industry Catalog
Impact! & A Band of Orcs Release First Concept Sketches
Impact! - 5 year Anniversary sale - 24 hours only
Two new felt gaming mats in the Impact! store
A Band of Orcs and Impact! Announce Joint Venture
Impact! releases numbered shoulder pads
Impact! releases new Valkyrie Werebear
Impact! to release Passing Shot tennis game
Impact! releases four new cheerleaders
Norse "bearly" presents..
Impact! now stocking Black Scorpion Miniatures
WCQ Range Ruler and FF-Fields Mats now in Impact! store
Impact! now stocking Willy Miniatures and new Neomics Chaos
Battle Bunker Zombie #1
Apocalyptic Quartet now on sale at Impact!
Mano di Porco / Cominixios figures now in Impact! store
Holiday Helper Sale end of December + letter from President
Coming soon: Pestilence the 4th of the Apocalyptic Quartet
In the store now: Gridiron Ball Markers and bulk 30mm bases
Coming soon: War the 3rd of the Apocalyptic Quartet Editor's Choice nominations 2010
Coming soon: Famine the 2nd of the Apocalyptic Quartet
Impact! December 2010 releases
Coming soon: Death the 1st of the Apocalyptic Quartet
12th and Final Timberline Elf off to the caster
POO is coming!!!!
Kill Ball board game now in stock at Impact!
Holiday Sale for Impact! - Nov. 1 - 28, 2010
Final 2 Dryads for Timberline Elf team completed
Timberline Elf team update
Impact! Facebook and Twitter
GenCon 2010 new releases now in the store!
Impact! at GenCon 2010
Chris Adkerson becomes new partner at Impact!
Elfball 2nd edition rules
Elastic Rubber Base Rings now available from Impact!
Elfball 2-Minute Warning decks are back in stock
May releases from Impact! Fan Site opens
Impact! contest for forum members for 4th anniversary
Impact! celebrates 4th anniversary with special contest
April 24
Impact! April releases
New Elf Sculpts and Impact! March Madness sale
Neomics Humans, Elf and Dark Elves now in the store
Sarcos team release date - February 15, 2010
Impact! releases Matt Dixon inspired Type OH! Beauty
One last Christmas week contest question
Impact! Year-end Sale 2009
Christmas Week Contest Question #3
Christmas week Contest question
Matt Dixon Beauties coming soon to Impact!
Impact! makes nominee list for TGN for 4 year in a row!!!
Impact! now carrying Neomics Orcs!
Headslicer for sale ... last day of Holiday Sale
Sarcos preview
Impact! Holiday sale and new scoreboards/dugouts
about to paint Headslicer...
Headslicer sneak peek
Impact! Freedom Sale - 25% off for a very short time
GenCon 2009 Pictures (14 in all ... slow loading for some)
Brown Felt for sale
Norse proudly peddles some potions...
Rolljordan Horned Frog teams added to store!
Impact! New Releases for GenCon 2009 (complete list)
New Vampiress Thrower figures coming to Impact!
New Impact! Potion Peddler miniature
Impact! purchases Nuthin' But Net board game
Hockey Sticks and Sinsbad in the store!!!
New Skill Ring options added to the Token range
Impact! is 3 years old today!
Impact! needs temporary UK shipper volunteer!
Impact! now carrying Rolljordan Female & Ice Troll
Impact! now carrying Heresy Ghoul & Monster + Team Deal
Group purchase for Impact! clothing
Generation D6 Podcast 25
Elfball gets a ranking by BoardGameGeek
Sarcos Countdown
Impact! State of the Business 2008 and 2009
Impact! makes TGN's Editor's Choice top fantasy miniature
Coming soon from Impact!....
Painted images of the Deadling Chef Set
Deadling Chef, Cauldron, and Assistant releases from Impact!
IMPACT! Holiday Sale!!!!
Middle Kingdoms team ... green preview
GenCon Swag 2008 Results
Impact! now has limited stock of GF9 Warmachine Terrain Sets
Middle Kingdoms ... a big thank you to Tritex and Lorenzo
Impact! GenCon 2008 Swag Contest !!!!!
Impact! August releases are in the store!
Impact!'s GenCon Releases
Impact! adds Boulder Brawl gaming mats to the store
Black Rock Centaur and Siringit Gorillaur
Samhaino Horror sneak peek
Impact! : 10000th Base Weight sold / 25000th Miniature sold!
Elfball 5.1 rules in German now posted
2 figures added in store - Pumpkinhead & Football Chimp
Impact! is 2 years old today
Two new Limited Edition figures in the store now!
Mini Deadwoods added to the store
Tantor green for Siringit team
Elfball tournament at GenCon
President's Birthday Sale
Black Rock Centaurs getting sculpted
Impact! February '08 release --- 35 new football miniatures
Dutch Open Limited Edition miniatures
First glace at the new magnets and contraptions
Upcoming Minotaur from Impact!
NAF World Cup figures on sale on Impact! site
Competition: Guess the best selling figs of 2007!
2007 thoughts and 2008 the year ahead nomination for figure of year!
Chaos All-Stars team + Impact! extras up for charity auction
Tokens (all types) are back in stock!
Limited Edition Frogman now for sale!
10 new miniatures in store in time for the Holiday Sale!
10 new miniatures coming into the store
Weather Tokens sets and Game Status Tokens now in the Store!
25000th Figure contest
Street Brawl Dwarves (sneak peak)
Gift Certificates added to the store
Impact! Holiday Sale
Impcrusher coming soon (pics posted)
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