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My custom work
Chaos coach...
chibi wise sensei
Glavial cheerleader
Finished my Trollcast Amazon Team
painting my Calasain team
Max Spleenripper
My recently painted Miniatures!
My Black Widows
Chibi Prismatic Hydra
My VALKYRIES - Triple Team
Jade Temple Pilots - Divine Wind Models
My Impact stuff
Deadling Cheerleader
The Burning Brush: A Painting Contest
Night Elves with Greebo Buggers
new coach for my Pact team..
New to Elfball Painting teams
my new pharoahs
Roller Girls WIP
inventory of stuff
New team (WIP)!
Steam Varcolaci
Converted miss piggy for my greebo horned frog team.
My Siringit Team
The good, the bad, and the ugly
BG's Gnolls
The Breakfast club (razorbacks)
Sann's figs
my night elves
New pics of the numbered shoulder pads in use...
Weather Goblins.
From my Pact team...
Jeerleader pics
First team
Other team photos
the al'stars
Thads Apocalypse
Black scorpion troll.
Test Pallette for Phil's Phigs Human Team
ARBBL 2011 figure
Two-headed fimir
Giant Wrat
Apocalyptic Warriors...the Helmeted Versions
New Favourite Glue
Website idea
Smells Like Tree Spirit - Finished!!
The Destruction Crew
Basts pull double duty
The Munsters my necro team w.i.p
Norse presents... Apocalypse Now..
Spiky's Painting Blog
Cajun Critters - Sarcos team (as Lizards)
Spiky's Deadlings
SWAMP THINGS - Sarcos Team - Work in Progress
Zlurpee 2010 figure...
Middle Kingdoms Team - FINISHED
My Pharaohs of Vikhtora
My Divine Wind...thanks to Brownrob
Not so secret weapon WIP
Calasain - The Kermitian Conquerers
Spiky's Night Elves
Black Rock Dwarfs , Thunderhammer Dwarfs
Spiky's Divine Wind Team
Norse "wildly" presents...
MacSlann Highlanders
A tentatively shared dwarf WIP
Sarcos Team
Some Gnomes
Spiky's Desert Dogs
Calasain Frogmen - reposted from
My teams' Plog *Pic heavy*
The JFB Memorial Jesters - a Human Team (WIP)
Elfball board with 40mm Hexes in progress
Blackrock Dwarves
My Rolljordan froggies
Norse pestilently presents....
My Divine Wind - FINSHED 10TH JAN
Potions Peddler and 'nother Lova...
Thads variously presents...
bribe counter
Norse belatedly and charitably presents...
Thads Climatically presents: Weather Goblins
Thads secondarily presents: The Airthrey Angels
Converted ARBBL Goblin
Eintracht Norsca
PK&Q Trophy miniatures
Red Referee and other miniatures
My Divine Wind Team
Norse sheepishly presents... the Middle Kingdoms team..
Thads presents: The Caledonia Hammers
Philly FrostHearts - Added WIPs (12/30)
Yet another "Thunder Hammer Dwarf"-conversion
Choumaster's Thunder Hammer Dwarves
JB Demon's latest paintings
Dark Lord's Multi-Part Humans
Euc Bowl Koala
Black Rock Team
Updated blog with Pharohs, Lizardmen and Chaos dwarfs
St Mouldy Hams
DL Sketches what you discuss...
Minis for Gen Con - Gorillataur - Horror - Mecats + more
Weather Goblins...
Painted Pumpkinhead
Norse meteorogically presents... the 2008 T5 collection...
Painted imps?
Norse "independantly" presents...
Thads finally gets some Impact! stuff painted
Painted Frogfolk
Starting a Divine Wind team
Had to clear my desk.
A little project
Dipped Neomic Orks (+ some vamps)
Hired Gun Wizard
WHQ Chaos Warrior
Pillow Talk - Halfling team
The start of my Pharohs Elfball team
Norse nationalistically presents....
My deadling team
Impact! Swinetaur
Thunder Hammer Dwarf
ZBIV limited edition mini
Gnomes and Imps
Norse charitably presents
Contraptions [Pic heavy]
Not sure where to put this.
Gnolls and razorbacks...
Impact! - Scoring Dwarf
Khemri team
Impact! Dwarf Runner
Conquerers on the streets... (Deadlings)
A couple of Anubis
Impact! Impcrusher and Ghoulings
Nightelf Hunter painted by JbDemon
My Monster
Impact! Minotaur
Gnoll pics?
Mmmm razorbacks
Valk team WIP
Carrion Regardless - including deadlings
Desert Dogs
Friar Flux Incapacitus
My Night elf Striker, Gencon Winner
Zlurpus Zembashski
My Elfball team Thread
Rat Ogre..
Gnoll & Divine Wind Colour Scheme?
Norse pervertedly presents....
Norse knackerdly presents... the new fubar collection
New Impact Release Thread
Norse especially presents....
Norse Team, Stormstad Stars
Some team logos
Thads makes a promise (he'll probably fail)
Egyptian Thoth/Ibis Midfield updated to include Bast Striker
Phils Phigs - Valkyrie Thrower
Evil dwarves
Mighty Zug
Norse spookishly presents...
While I am at it here's a ref.
Theja Doris Thrower
Painting supplies
Norse belatedly presents....
Anubis & Wizard
Black Orc Blocker
The Babe, The Beer and The Friar
Norse linemen by Redfink
Tabira Bowl Logo = Slann Concept Art
yet another Beermaid! Woo hoo!
Ideas for Phigs Imps
My finished Ice Troll (huge pic warning)
Uber Zap or Toad Invasion?
Shadowforge Friar + Impact! Beer Barrels by Urb
My new 40mm pitch (WIP)
Another Beer Garden Beauty - now based
Some of my painting
Beer Garden Beauty
2 imps! (4 now!)
Beer Garden Beauty
A Razorback I painted
An Imp I Painted
Modest Start
Black Widows - Final Update (May 12th, 2006) Thrower
The Wizard and the Toad
Can I get these Orcs painted in time for the fantasy football?
Size comparison of deadling
Deadlings - warning big pictures
Coming soon to an online store near you...
My Snow Troll :D
fen paints stuff
Painting Services -
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