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The Workshop
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Sticking together the new plastic teams
Jason and the Argonauts. Modeling the skeletons.
Mini-Hack chainsaw conversion - does this work?
Logo for my Apes O' Wrath.
How to make a large mask for spraying lines on a field
League Winners Prize
Need an idea for scotling team colours?
Momentum Counters
Potion counters
Hex bases - yes again!
Hex bases again.
Elfball pitch WIP: Update; 3rd set of pics, playable pitch.
Shoulder pads
base weights and hex bases
Tantors left arm
Hanging moss ideas
Ratmen Team WIP
First attempt at sculpting
Hex bases
Gnome Wash?
The only glue for IMPACT toughness!
Making a double sided board
Gaspez Marauders with magnetic arms / heads?
My Frog team gets a new home pitch
building a wolverine squad
Rolljordan Frogs
removing paint?
Gen Con Street Bowl - Greek Based Females - Base Colors done
ARBBL goes Dwarf
Putting together siringit
Color selection help
Create a cheap Wet Palette - lotz of pix
Has anyone made these?
Behold!!! I am making a ball with eye things - Project
Question regarding larger figures (prep for casting, maybe?)
Hats off to you if you can assist!
Anubis conversion
Weather Tokens
Ice Trollop Update - painted - 12/22 - (sorry for the delay)
Gen Con insanity - BRC & Company - Updated 8-8-8
Zlurpee Bowl Legacy Team Deadwood w/ LED eyes
Fantasy Football game board completed! :D
WIP and suggestions
Ogre Work in Progress (Updated 03 July 08)
Painting the new Deadwoods
Help with gloss varnish
All things Gnome! Construction, Assembly, Painting, & m
Harvest your own horms and curved spikes.
Deadling and Magnets
Converted Frogfolk team in the works
Need help for a beginner
Imp Crusher with arms?
Help needed for an allergic painter
My Multi-Part Human team (big update Nov. 29th '07)
Matching the felt of the Impact Boards
multipart armies - with football option?
Beast of Nergal / Cthulhu
Grassy Bases
"The hellcat punks" VERY early view.
anubis throwers
A question concerning weapons
Chaos Warrior WIP
My first experiment with ProCreate
Tendai badger
Impact Case Mods
readybuilt armatures question.
My first Sculpt ever - Deadling Flesh Golem
Beastman WIP (my first sculpt)
Goblin-Ref WIP
Chaos Warrioress - R U interested?
Base Weight Alternatives
Thinking about doing a sculpt!
The little gobbo who tried
greenstuff molding - release agents
Top Quality Brushes At A Good Price
Sculpting's easy...
Slann/Frogmen Scale
Need Help with Sculpting Balls
Sculpting Faces
evil dwarves and imps WIP
Trying to put together a blackorc, step 2
Tournament figures I made
Link to Sculpting list
What isssssssss it?
Fantasy Football Counters
Great reading for Amateur Sculptors
Bodhi's Female Vamp LAST WIPS! Next time will be finished
Djengis goes Green (Sculpt......)
Tutorial - blending without mixing paints
Sculpting set up.
W.I.P - WH40K - Chaos & Lost And The Damned
"Can you tell me what it is yet?"
Photography light tent
Snowtroll - W.I.P -> Cast
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