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Elfball Game and Variants
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elfball pro/con brainstorming
Major revision idea=change dice!
Making a board schematic
new forum section/sub section
New Fantasy Football developments
any recent game reports?
Android Team Manager Alpha released
Elfball Rules Clarification Project
Elfball lull and what I would think about changing
Goal System Dice Mechanics
Dungeon Brawl Rules?
Least favorite positional player
0 success needed rolls?
Elfball ... Simians in ... Orcs out
Gnomes vs N. Elves Report
Weapons Rules As Promised
Elfball Playing Field?
MK vs Gnolls report and rule ideas
Vassal player icons
XP Thought
Goblin Stats (Feedback requested)
Can Elfball teams be grouped like in FF (bashing, agility,..
Looking for online players
Gnomes vs Deadlings
Felt mat anyone?
Elfball..NAF Championship...Bugmans?
Elf ball League play Idea
2 single deck games Gnolls vs Thunderhammer
Miner Pact idea
3 games of suggested tournament set up
150pt with skills tournament rosters
Tactical discussion - Venturing into your opponents half
1st Game of Elfball
Deliberately falling over - acceptable tactic?
One Turn Burst Scoring tactical discussion
thrower vs Striker
Work on Vassal Elfball for 2nd Ed
Your team Fluff
Just got the game, thoughts and questions!
Stars: Conditional or Two Successes?
Spreading the word
Shove or Disengage to move a Thrower
Springfield IL ELfball League
Attrition Ability Builds (for monsters)
Getting +1 to Attribute with a potion - what do you choose?
Elfball Tactic - Protecting a grounded ball
Running out of players during a test
Learn Elfball from scratch
Swindon Elfball League kicks off!
Similarities and Differences... well mainly differences!
League Play - Concessions
Steady/Sprinter - does something need to be done?
Rule Suggestion - Major Successes
Best monster?
Kegs vs Potions (tourney style)
One turn scoring
Swindon II - Lessons learned
Winning the Face-Off advantage
Elfball Tactics v1.0 - with Great Fanfare!!!
Experience Points house rule
Elfball Tactic - Pinning
Best and worse Skills?
Momentum Server News and Questions (Java Elfball)
Unofficial wizard
Officalizing 2nd ed.
making an elfball board - feedback wanted
Playing Deadlings - and some general issues
Elfball Demonstration: Leeds, Alabama Friday 23 July
Positional base colours
Optional rules: Conditional and face off and rule suggestion
Why do hobimps have tackle 4?
Pre-emptive strike
2nd Edition - Proofreading
Dryads concept?
2nd Edition - feedback
Elfball - 2nd edition
Shoves ... how many for revised version in works
The 2010 ElfBall fluff wiki project needs your help!
Elfball version 6.0
Hosting an Elfball Demo
Potions in Tourney play
Bad match ups
Two actions or one?
Advice for selling FF'ers on Elfball.
Team Lists
Playing with the 2 minute warning deck
Quick question from noob
League play
Been away from the game for awhile
Finally got to try Elfball
120 Point Pharaohs team for the Swindon tournament.
Using the Dervish
What you need to play VASSAL ElfBall
UK Elfball players - Tournament Sat March 6th, Swindon
Some teams better than others?
imp, Halfling and Goblin Team?
Elfball in the Dungeon: Cript Crawling
OK, We are in. Elfball/Street we come.
Just had my first Elfball game the other day and...
Alternative teams/ambientation of the teams
Timberline Elves Strategy
Homefield Rules
Anyone playing Vassal Elfball?
Skill Access
Thunder Hammer Dwarves
Sort of radical idea...hold on to your open mind.
Some thoughts about a possible JavaElfBall....
how to organize and prepare for a league ???
Post your house rules here!
Dane of War Review
Playing Elfball on a pitch the same as the Boulder mats (game)
Card Idea (Moved)
Secret Weapon/ Referee Discussion
A great doodad for Elfball and the other one.
Need discussion please ... the Stars on the Challenge Dice
new rosters idea & icons in wip!!!
Noob Tactics
Turns per game? Yet another time question from B.G.
Would handoffs fundamentally alter how the game works?
Spanish Elfball League
Potions and Benches?
Paper Minis
VASSAL 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 released
Number of tests, Teams, and Team points
Looking way way out in the future
white line ?
Caveman team?
League Night
Nice Game
VASSAL ElfBall 5.1 Released!
Star Players in Elfball
What teams are represented in the boxed game?
Elfball Tactics/Strategies
BGG Elfball Video Review by Book Shelf Game
Calling all elfball players (again!)
Deadling Tactical advice for a Noob
Nice review for 5.1 version of Elfball
5.1 up for download
Rules for Frog Springer (limited impact mini)
Dodge Ball
Excell roster not downloadable?
Divine Wind needs some pep!
Elfball Lite?
Why I love the internet
Elfball demoing tips?
Street Brawl facing
Some minor misses in the rulebooks.
Was it a deliberate decision...
Just kicking Around Ideas
VASSAL ElfBall League - Teams etc
League play
Elfball rulebook
How long does an average test take?
Get up and PLAY!
Structure of one player campaign rules
Deaths/Serious Injuries in a Test
Racial rules? Another houserule thinking session...
NAF World Cup Team
Test Game Report
Idea: an Elfball's Manager!!!
Playing with skills
My first Elfball game!
Elfball Probabilites
Chip Kick Skill Idea [Grubber Kick added 12/11]
Just to watch the flames fly "Illegal Maneuver"
comments on game after one test
Logging onto a Vassal Game
Are you interested to have new unoffcial roster in Vassal?
Elfball fluff
FootBrawl anyone?
Championship prizes
3 way and no not that way...
What you like to see in Vassal Elfball??
New Idea: Elfball Campaign thingy...
Version 4.9 posted
Voodoo's Tribes
Game Play ?
Elfball v4.81 posted (This should be it)
Optional Rules - faster gaining abilities
Team Creation Question
Unofficial Rosters
Oh I don't need this...
Elf ball alternative board
Scale etc
My homemade team(Aketh's Annointed)
Name the Ratman race - a poll
Vote for the name for the giant ratman
No positional limits? Possible House rule suggestion.
Another new race
Custom made Elfball pitch
Forward facing in Street Brawl
Elfball on Facebook
Experimental Rules ... please test and give feedback!!!
Experience system (v4.7)
Replacements and Potion changes
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