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Question on Elfball Rules
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Any news on Future of Elfball
streamlining the challenge tables
monster vs defender question
Comments after game and questions
Sarcos / Calasain Team list question
Error in the manual?
Houserules to test
Taking action of a player that cannot do anything
white lines bouncing questions
Refresh Cheerleaders card from TMW deck
Face off win then SiM
Teams used to teach Elfball
Missed something about taking potions
Shoving Question
Opponent Facing
React & Cheerleader use
+ & - tackle
passing to opponent. -tactics guide question-
Hexes with White Lines through them
Next Rules Update
+ & - for facing oponents
Is there a standard bases colour code?
standing up????? help
help with the disengage rule please
Rule clarifications on the wiki
Ability Questions (for the tactics guide)
Question on Lead Pass skill
Sprinter and Tackles
Rules in French
Expert Elfball
string placement
Attribute re-rolls and momentum
Can skills that allow a die replacement be used on a flop?
Impact/Tackle question
Obseservation on replacements and card question.
Sliding Tackle with Ball Carrier - SiM?
Momentum and throwing the ball to an empty hex
Dazed Contraption
Zlurpee kegs - when are they played?
A couple of things (Facing, Ending Turns)
Opponent down to 1 man - how do you play?
Little Guy...?
Question about the new 54 card Elfball deck
Momentum gained on a catch after SiM
Can you stand up with regular Jog and a Dash challenge?
Standing up with grit 5 when out of jog
Team question
Jog for failed disengage
Changing facing with shove?
Momentum from Throw challenge?
Elfball rulebook constructive criticism
Elfball Card Question
Yellow circles for the majority of your team?
Impact before Tackle Question
bouncing balls and pick ups
Possible Rule Typo?
Double Movement
Skill Questions
Team Support
Replace or Reroll
One quick one.
Bribed Ref, the Goal Circle, and catching
Plough Skill
Magic Potion usage
Playing Field definition
My coaches have a question
Play by Play Example #2
Questions about the Tournament
I'm sure I asked this before, but...
Double activations
Rules in Spanish
Magic Potioin Table probabilities
Standing a Player Up
A few clarifications DEMANDED!
Who can't be used next turn?
Turning in place, Disengage cost
Base sizes
Double shift in momentum
Throwing questions
First game played, now I have a question:
2 random questions
Rules Clarifications
roster corrections
Challenge modifiers
Team Support Questions
Replacement players
Strategy Question
Reroll Question (probably stupid)
Dropping the Ball
Comparing fantasy football games
Rulebook updates: changes
White lines in hexes
Team Flavors
Strategy differences between B.B. and Elfball
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