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Beating Mandragora with no diamonds

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:40 am    Post subject: Beating Mandragora with no diamonds  Reply with quote

Mandragora, the boss for Creeping Ivy IV, has three stages:

Stage One:
Foul Fumes
Vine Whip
Barbed Guard

Stage Two:
Creeper Clutch
Vine Whip
Barbed Guard
Disorienting Spores

Stage Three:
Creeper Clutch
Vine Whip
Disorienting Spores

Stage one is fairly easy to get through.  In the second stage, she gains Disorienting Spores (Muddle) and Creeper Clutch (Paralyze), which can cause problems depending on what gear you have equipped.

The real problem is in stage three when Mandragora's attack power doubles and she gains Overgrowth.
Once she uses Overgrowth, all damage dealt to each opponent is accumulated and when the timer expires, after 5 turns I believe, it gets used directly against your respective HP.  This is a real pain if you don't have gear to stop Muddle and Paralyze because the only to lower the accumulation is to use attacks and gear the normally give you health since Overgrowth temporarily takes the place of your HP.

I managed to get through the entire level in about 30 minutes with the following setup:

Hero Ability: Pyroblast
Attacks: Execute, 2 Slice of Life

My approach was to alternate Execute and Slice of Life to keep my health up and lower the Overgrowth as much as possible.  And anytime Pyroblast was available, I used it.
Once you get Mandragora below 238,540 HP, Execute starts doing real damage but I still had to alternate to keep Overgrowth in check.

On another note, this setup probably won't work if you run into Dionea.  I'll update the results if I ever run into her.

Note on gear:
I had to use a couple of diamonds to clear the Firelord due to lack of gear and Hero abilities, and the Brimstone Sabatons are what I got.
Randy's Standard Brain Pot came from Zombies, it's a hero drop after you find Randy Funpants a few times.  If I remember correctly, I got it after the third or fourth time.

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