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Bout Ball -playtest- session

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:06 am    Post subject: Bout Ball -playtest- session  Reply with quote

Bout ball: Bouncergriim(BG) vs Inkraven(IR)

Background mechanics information, you may skip this if you just want to get to the report of how the game played: Couple of points to know about the game before reading this: each turn each team gets a number of dice equal to the number of players they have active on the track/board.  (so five to start) if a player is removed by injury or ejection that player will only get as many dice each turn as they have active players.  Second every action requires a dice roll, you may roll as many dice as you have in a specific attribute, but you have to deduct those dice from your Energy pool so if you 3 dice on one roll (and pick the best one you rolled) you would only have 2 dice left that turn to do any other actions and >>> spaces allow you to reroll one of your dice from any roll on that space.  Also if you roll a Star you are successful and get to put the die back into your energy pool and reuse it, if you roll an X you are unsuccessful and have to give that die to your opponent.

:Report Starts here:

Bouncer-painted Humans wins the toss one star on five dice to no stars on five dice (IR - greyish mostly unpainted gators).  BG elects to go second and setups up minis first.  BG chooses to place 2 utilities(dervishes), 2 blockers, and 1 runner on the track.  IR sets up 4 utilities (gavials) and 1 runner (baby croc).  Forgot to take pic of this.

Turn 1:
IR moves utilities forward to make a loose net and runs his runner forward.  BG advances forward an has one player tripped and another injured.  Already down a player for this Run (halves are called runs in bout ball).  But BG's runner is in the lead and eyeing the ball placed on the green ball spaces.

Turn 2:
BG's human runner breaks away with the ball leaving the opposition in the dust.  One of the gators tries to trip a human but is caught by the wizard ref and teleported off the track into exile for the rest of the game.  4 on 4 now.  Bit of a scrum at the goal line (finish looking line on the track)

Turn 3:
Gators strike back knocking the human runner down, but failing to secure the ball on their own.  The ball is just out of reach on the other side of the read in the purple runner setup zone.

Turn 4:
Ball rolls forward a pace at the start of the turn whilst no one is in possession of it as the magic winds of the bout ball track push forward on everyone and every thing on track.  Gators recover the ball from the track only to have the human runner steal it from them.

Turn 5:
Bad turn of events for the humans as one of their utilities is ejected for tripping followed by their runner dropping the ball as he trips himself taking the corner too fast (exiting the red zone).  Can the gators capitalize on this fail???  With only 3 players left on the track the humans will only have 3 dice to use from their energy pool each turn!  effectively limiting them to 3 actions per turn.

Turn 6:
Gators move in and kick the ball down field recovering it on the >>> reroll rune by rolling 2 dice getting two blanks but being able to reroll one dice due to the >>> space and succeeds in picking up the ball thus earning the point for being the first team to get possession of the ball after it crossed the goalline loose.

Turn 7:
This time it is bad for the Crocs they have a utility ejected for a failed trip and then loose the ball as their runner fails to manage the curve effectively.  Humans are able to take advantage of this opportunity and kick the ball from one to another until the ball passes the goal line, however, humans cannot score yet because they haven't actually picked up the ball and gained possession after it passed the goal line.

Turn 8:
With both teams down to 3 players not a lot of dice to be used and standing up players costs a die.  So the humans just focus on getting the ball by kicking it to the >>> and picking it up there to earn their first point thus tying the game and ending the first run (a run ends after 2 total goals or 10 rounds, a round is each player getting a turn).

Half time: The injured human stays in the infirmary and the human runner is so exhausted he stays in the reserves for the start of the next half.  The crocs are unaffected by half time but are still down two ejected players.  Though they can use the reserves to fill the spots on the track.

2nd run set up:
The crocs put in all of their 4 blockers (big gators) and one runner this run and leave their utilities on the bench.  Humans favor 3 utilities, 1 blocker and 1 runner this time.  Crocs take up most of the front line and leave little room for the humans to try to poke through.

Turn 1: Humans are the first to move this half.
As the humans try to get through the wall of crocs they are tripped and walled in, two utilities down and a runner and a utility were trapped behind the wall of gators and were left behind as it rumbled forward making a trap just inside the first curve.

Turn 2:
A gator is ejected as he tries to trip the human runner, the the humans form an inside wall on the curve to protect their runner as the gator's runner sprints forward to knock the ball off the circle of holding it waits in.

Turn 3:
Human run zooms in and snatches the ball right from under the baby croc's nose and moves into the curve as the croc baby sneaks up on him he sees the little gator and tries to trip him, catching the eye of the wizard ref who immediately zaps the human runner off track and the the ball bounce forward one pace as the gator come crashing down trying to avoid the trip from the now non-existent human runner.   Not a great strategy on the human's part.

Turn 4:
human utility sees the ball loose just past the curve and jogs around the corner to retrieve it managing the curve with much finesse and scooping the ball up with ease.  The little croc then jumps to his feet and runs up to the human and pops the ball loose but is unable to fully gain possession of the ball and lies tantalizingly out of reach one pace in front of the gator.  The gator blockers have formed a wall at the goal line

Turn 5:
A human utility tries to get the ball but only success in kicking it foward in his lane as the sneaky croc swiftly maneuvers in and takes possession of the ball ending his movement smartly before exitting the curve too hastily.  The blockers wall comes tumbling down as magic washes over them while they try to stand their ground.  (players must roll to not move or stop short of their minimum move value)

Turn 6:
The Crocs score, forcing the humans to hope to be able to bring the game into a tie and force the extra run.

Turn 7:
The Crocs deftly maneuver and move the ball almost completely around the track, while a lone human blocker pops the ball loose from the croc runner and hopes to be able to get it back to score and make the tie!

Turn 8:
The crocs deny this last hope to the humans and get the ball of the track and score final is 3-1 as the ref calls the game because one team has earned 3 points.

If you are local to DFW Texas and want to elfball, give me a PM anytime.
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